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Is your driveway full of spiderweb cracks? It's time to fill in the gaps. Traditional asphalt crack filling can only do so much when your asphalt is severely damaged. But infrared heating services from All-Star Asphalt LLC can make your asphalt surfaces in Arena, Cross Plains or Middleton, WI look like new.

We'll heat up any cracked sections of your pavement, then smooth them out to give your pavement an even appearance. Our specialized methods are designed to give you a fix that lasts.

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What Are Infrared Heating Services?

Infrared heating services involve using specialized equipment to emit infrared radiation, which quickly and directly heats objects and surfaces without heating the surrounding air. This method ensures faster and more targeted heating, minimizing heat loss and maximizing energy efficiency.

Benefits of Infrared Heating

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Superior Quality Repairs

Traditional methods of asphalt repair often involve removing and replacing entire sections of damaged pavement. Infrared heating, on the other hand, enables targeted and localized asphalt repairs. By using infrared rays to heat the existing asphalt, it softens the surface, allowing for easy blending of new and old materials. This seamless asphalt repair leaves no visible joint, ensuring a smooth surface and minimizing the potential for future damage.

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Reduced Time and Cost

Asphalt repairs involving excavation and replacement can be time-consuming, causing disruption and inconvenience to both commuters and businesses. Infrared heating services for asphalt can significantly reduce the time required for repair projects. By efficiently heating the asphalt, the process allows for faster completion of repairs, reducing labor costs and minimizing traffic disruptions.

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Enhanced Durability

Infrared heating services not only provide superior asphalt repairs but also contribute to the overall durability of asphalt surfaces. By heating the existing asphalt, it rejuvenates the binder and strengthens the surface. This results in increased resistance to cracking, pothole formation, and water damage, making the asphalt more resilient and extending its lifespan.

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Environmentally Friendly

Traditional asphalt repairs involve removing and disposing of damaged materials, which can have negative environmental implications. Infrared heating services offer an eco-friendly solution by minimizing the need for excavation and reducing waste generation. This sustainable approach helps to conserve natural resources and lower carbon emissions.

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Infrared Heating Process

The infrared heating process by All-Star Asphalt in the greater Madison area utilizes highly efficient infrared technology to heat the damaged asphalt surface. Unlike traditional methods that remove and replace entire sections of asphalt, infrared heating targets the specific damaged areas, resulting in a more focused and cost-effective repair. The technique involves three main steps: heating, raking, and compacting.



All-Star Asphalt's state-of-the-art infrared machines emit infrared rays that penetrate the surface of the damaged asphalt. These rays quickly heat the asphalt, bringing it to a workable temperature within minutes. This localized heating effectively softens the damaged area and makes it more pliable for the next steps in the process.



Once the damaged area is sufficiently heated, our skilled technicians use specialized tools to rake and remove the deteriorated asphalt. This step ensures that all loose debris and compromised materials are eliminated, creating a clean foundation for the repair.



After the damaged asphalt is removed, fresh and hot asphalt is applied, creating a seamless blend with the existing pavement. The area is then compacted using rollers or hand tampers to ensure a smooth and durable finish. The infrared heating process allows for excellent thermal bonding, resulting in strong repairs with minimal chances of future deterioration.


Why replace when you could restore?

When you hire All-Star Asphalt for asphalt repair services in Arena, Cross Plains or Middleton, WI, we'll:

  • Use state-of-the-art equipment to reheat the asphalt
  • Rake and recompact the malleable asphalt into a flat surface
  • Smooth out the asphalt to create a seamless appearance

Find out how much money you could save by choosing infrared heating over asphalt crack filling. Call 608-358-1888 now.


The infrared heating process by All-Star Asphalt is revolutionizing asphalt repair with its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality results. By embracing this innovative technique, residential and commercial road and driveway owners can save time and money while ensuring safe and smooth transportation surfaces. This innovative asphalt repair service works well for smaller areas, cracks, and replacements. If you are in need of asphalt repair, give us a call, and we can make the best recommendations for you. We are proud to serve the greater Madison, Wisconsin, area, including Arena, Cross Plains, and Middleton. Contact All-Star Asphalt today to experience the benefits of this cutting-edge approach to asphalt repair.

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